AMD's Crimson ReLive 17.5.1 drivers give Prey a performance bump

It has taken more than a decade for another Prey game to debut, but after a tumultuous journey that saw the cancellation of a long-awaited sequel in 2014, Bethesda's reboot (through Arkane Studios) is now here. So are new graphics drivers that promise optimized performance for Prey.

We covered Nvidia's latest Game Ready driver release (382.05) yesterday, and today we're focusing on AMD's latest Crimson ReLive driver package, version 17.5.1. Listed as "optional," the main benefit is a performance boost in Prey—AMD claims users rocking a Radeon RX 580 graphics card will see up to 4.7 percent better performance compared to its previous driver release (17.4.4).

The newest Crimson ReLive release also adds multi-GPU support to Prey and squishes half a dozen bugs. They include:

  • Fixed an issue that may sometimes cause the error message "1603" during uninstall.
  • Radeon Settings may sometimes fail to update through the auto Radeon Software update feature.
  • Forza Horizon 3 may experience minor graphics corruption in some game maps.
  • Sid Meier's Civilization VI may experience an application crash when using Hybrid Graphics system configurations and windowed game mode.
  • Radeon WattMan may fail to apply settings on some Radeon R9 390 series graphics products.
  • Added switchable graphics support for Unigine Superposition for XConnect and Hybrid Graphics.

As for Prey, what we've played so far has been running mostly fine, and certainly better than Dishonored 2 at launch. See more of our early thoughts on performance here.

If you own a Radeon graphics card or GPU, or you can hit up AMD's driver page for the latest Crimson ReLive release.

Paul Lilly

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