AMD "putting the finishing touches" on Radeon 300 series


AMD is "putting the finishing touches" on its Radeon 300 Series, the next generation of the company's flagship graphics card family, according to a Facebook post. The post came from the official AMD Facebook account in reply to a fan who recently sold their GTX 970 and was wondering if the R9 390X or 380X would be coming any time soon.

"Hey mate, we don't have an official date to share just yet but the second we know, we will definitely announce it on Facebook," the post said. "We're still putting the finishing touches on the 300 series to make sure they live up to expectation. Can't wait to reveal them though. We're pretty excited."

Of course, AMD's reply doesn't mean the company's next GPUs are due next week or next month—it's a casual response. But this information corroborates previous reports and claims from AMD that a "graphics refresh" would be coming in Q2 2015. AMD CEO Lisa Su cited that time frame in an earning call a few week ago.

Additionally, a number of retailers have listed R9 300 series cards on their websites in recent weeks, such as the Fiji XT GPU which will reportedly feature a high-bandwidth 3D stacked memory configuration that could be as much as nine times faster than GDDR5, though the first round of new AMD cards using the memory probably won't see that dramatic a performance jump immediately.

Bo Moore

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