Amazing Planet Coaster creation takes you on a ride through TRON

This is pretty darn spectacular: a custom roller coaster for theme park sim Planet Coaster that takes you through the events of the original TRON film from 1982. You can check out the video above of a first-person POV ride through the attraction, though I don't see it available to download from the Steam Workshop. The ride and video were created by TommyT067, with help from a handful of other prop builders credited in the video's description.

Beginning with Flynn's Arcade, the coaster takes you onto the light cycle grid (with lots of sharp, 90 degree turns, of course), then escapes into the cyber-city where you'll glimpse a Solar Sailer. You'll then weave and roll through a fleet of Recognizers and neon tanks before reaching the end of the ride. The experience also contains lots of audio clips from TRON, as well as TRON-style (and royalty-free) music by Sirius Beat.

This is definitely one of the most impressive creations we've seen yet for Planet Coaster, though the Death Star Attack ride was amazing too.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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