Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to tame all legendary mounts

all immortals fenyx rising mounts
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Scouring the Golden Isles looking for Immortals Fenyx Rising mounts? They can be pretty tough to find. You might have happened up one or two by chance, but the most unique horses are pretty well hidden. Find them all, and you’ll have an impressive selection of steeds made of fire, light, and even solid gold. There are nine in total, and I’ve gone through the trouble of finding them all.

While every mount is cosmetically different, keep in mind that their functionality is basically the same. Don’t expect a speed boost for the ability to fly. Every legendary mount does have triple the stamina of a normal horse or elk, so that’s something. I’d also heavily suggest picking up the Phosphor’s Cloak ability for eight Charon Coins before mount hunting. Activating the cloak lets you completely bypass the taming minigame by sneaking up on the horse instead. Legendary horses are much harder to tame than a typical mount, so leave it off you enjoy the challenge.

How to get all Immortals Fenyx Rising mounts


1. Indika - Valley of Eternal Spring

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This blue fellow is just to the south of the bright blue pools that divide the Valley of Eternal Spring and Grove of Kleos. Likely enjoying a swim.

2. Tyrian - Valley of Eternal Spring

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You’ll find Tyrian on the southernmost tip of the Valley of Eternal Spring taking in the beautiful sights. One easy glide away from the Hall of Gods.

3. Aethon - War’s Den

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This fiery guy is tucked way behind the huge fortress in War’s Den. You can fight your way through, but it’s also possible to go around with some clever climbing. Be careful gliding down into the dark pit where Aethon hangs out.

4. Paragon - The Forgelands

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The armored warhorse Paragon is on the eastern tip of The Forgelands, right on the border of War’s Den.

5. Antikhytera - The Forgelands

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Possibly the most unique of the bunch, you’ll find this steel companion in the northern region of the Forgelands.

6. Laurion - Clashing Rocks

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This winged silver friend is hanging out where it all began, Clashing Rocks. Find Laurion on the beach of the furthest of the outer islands that are impossible to get to at the beginning of the game.

7. Guardian - Grove of Kleos

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The golden counterpart to Laurion, Guardian can be found in the northern cliffs of the Grove overlooking King’s Peak. Be careful, nearby enemies can scare it off. If that happens, reload a save and Guardian should return.

8. Asphodel - King’s Peak

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You’ll find the mysterious glowing elk tucked under a waterfall in the lower region of King’s Peak (low enough that you can reach it without freezing your stamina away). If you’re trying to reach King’s Peak before completing the other main quests, make sure you have two full bars of stamina and glide boost.

9. Ptilon - King’s Peak

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This magnificent multi-colored marvel will be the greatest challenge to find among the bunch. Ptilon is roaming in the north of the region fairly high up on the mountain. Getting that high up is a challenge all its own, but it’s possible to take an unintended path from the extreme north side of the island. If you can reach the general area, look for a flattened spot with water that’s unaffected by the extreme cold.

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