Alien: Isolation trailers reveal the gloomy terror of Creative Assembly's upcoming horror

Xenomorphs perfectly follow the theory of the Conservation of Ninjutsu . Hopefully, that rule also applies to the quality of a game. Aliens: Colonial Marines featured many aliens and was rubbish . Creative Assembly's now officially announced Alien: Isolation features just one of the sleek, obsidian terrors, in a game that's more stealth survival than sci-fi action. Will it be good? When Chris came back from playing the game, he was whisked away to an isolation chamber. Through the bloodied notes we found lining the corridors, we've assembled his impressions into a hands-on preview .

You'll play as Ripley's daughter Amanda, who sets out in search of her mother, and instead ends up in the deadliest game of hide & seek. It's like a family tradition at this point. But... wait a second, where did everybody go? Oh no, the horror! A TV Tropes link was hiding in the first line. For the few of you that remain: journey on and witness the game's two announcement trailers.

If that firmly planted your heebies into your jeebies, here's a second video, in which the game's development team explain why they're unleashing this fresh horror.

Alien: Isolation is due out in late 2014.

Phil Savage

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