Alien: Isolation trademarked, might be about Ripley's daughter

It hasn't been a year since the middling Aliens: Colonial Marines , but Twentieth Century Fox has filed a new trademark for a new product based on its seminal science-fiction series. If the rumors about this are true, though, it will be a very different beast compared to the action-heavy effort that Gearbox and TimeGate Studios produced earlier this year.

After a trademark sighting for Alien: Isolation this morning , Kotaku reports that the game is quite real, based on its own anonymous source. As the title suggests, it will be more in line with the atmospheric horror vibe of Alien, the first film in the franchise. Kotaku also reports that the central character will be Ripley's daughter, Amanda, who got a cursory mention in Aliens and has not been a major player in the franchise at all.

The Creative Assembly, which is owned by rights-holder Sega, confirmed that it was working on a game based on the film franchise in 2011, but we haven't seen much of it since. Back then it was reported that the internal team responsible for the hack-and-slash Viking: Battle for Asgard would be making it. The dots are lining up pretty straight on these rumors and speculation. And after Colonial Marines, the franchise needs a real winner.