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Alien: Isolation screenshots show sci-fi gadgets, android innards

There are lessons to be learned from sci-fi movies. Mostly they're lessons regarding AI and robots (ones that Google seem determined to ignore), but we can also pick up a few tricks from space-based sci-fi horrors. For instance, always bring more electricians than you technically need. The lights are always the first things to go. Also, take plenty of janitors, because - as these new Alien: Isolation screenshots prove - things are going to get pretty messy.

See, even androids make a mess. Janitors. And electricians.

The game stars Ripley's daughter Amanda, searching for her mother and instead finding a Xenomorph. Creative Assembly are touting the reactive AI of their alien creature, and, based on Chris's hands-on impressions , it looks like they've created a properly terrifying monster.

Alien: Isolation is due out later this year.

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