Alien: Isolation DLC Lost Contact puts Axel back in action

Alien: Isolation

Lost Contact, the fourth DLC release for Sega's xenomorphic horror hit Alien: Isolation, is now available. This time around, the ever-unfortunate Axel must use his wits to evade danger and escape from the remote area of Sevastopol Station in which he's stranded.

The setup is essentially the same as last month's Safe Haven DLC: Axel must work through ten increasingly difficult tasks as he navigates the perils of a new Survivor Challenge map featuring the Lorenz Private Wards and Emergency Power Plant. Completing each of the ten challenges earns points that can be used to access new collectible and craftable items, or even traded for a save slot. Opting for the save will cut into the final score and leaderboard position, but it might be worth the knock: Survival Mode gives players just one life, and when it's over, it's over.

Even though it's obviously not the most groundbreaking DLC package ever, sometimes "more of a good thing" is more than enough. Like, for instance, when it comes to our selection for the 2014 Game of the Year, which Andy Kelly described as "the best Alien game ever" in his recent "Making Of" feature. Sega and Creative Assembly have clearly decided not to mess with success, and I suspect they might be onto something.

Alien Isolation: Lost Contact is out now.

Andy Chalk

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