Alien: Isolation DLC Safe Haven introduces the "Salvage Challenge"

Alien: Isolation Safe Haven
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The good news in Save Haven, the third Alien: Isolation DLC pack that launched today on Steam, is that you've found the one safe room on Sevastopol Station. The bad news is that you can't stay there. Such is life for Hughes, the Sevastopol Communications Manager and new playable character, who must navigate the perils of the "Salvage Challenge" if he wants to get out alive.

Things, inevitably, gets worse: The new Salvage mode map is twice as large as any previous Survivor mode map, and you'll have to complete a series of ten tasks in order to clear a path to escape. Best of all, you only get one life, and if you blow it, you're returned to your last saved challenge, with your final score and position on the leaderboards penalized accordingly. Completing challenges unlocks rewards and points, and those points can be traded for a save slot, but again, your score will suffer.

Safe Haven is the third of five planned DLC packs for Alien: Isolation, which as you'll recall is a pretty good game—and by "pretty good," I mean "Game of the Year" around these parts. It goes for $8 on Steam, and is also available as part of the Alien: Isolation season pass.

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