Alien: Isolation can support Oculus Rift with a few .ini edits

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Alien: Isolation is a scary game, and so it is only natural that people would want to have it strapped directly onto their face. People are weird like that. The good news—for the weird people—is that they now can. With a few simple .ini tweaks, Isolation will offer native Rift support, and even provide positional head-tracking for the DK2.

The info comes from NeoGAF, who provide the following instructions:

Find ENGINE_SETTINGS.XML in the game's DATA folder. Change the stereo options to:

Next you'll need to set the Oculus to extended mode, and use the configuration utility to pause the service. Start the game, then reactivate the service by setting the display mode to "Direct to Rift".

Thanks to the positional tracking, you'll be able to pop your head around corners to see if there's a giant, unstoppable murderer coming at you. Have fun that.

Thanks, PCGamesN.

Phil Savage

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