Alien: Covenant is getting a VR tie-in

In case you missed it: there is going to be a new Alien film, and, who knows, maybe it will be alright. Not only that, but Variety says that Alien: Covenant will receive a VR spin-off, in the form of a paid app on "major VR platforms".

Covenant director Ridley Scott is producing it, while developer Fox Innovation Lab—they made the Martian VR Experience that has not gone down so well on Steam—describes it as "a dread-inducing journey into the depths of the Alien universe".

It sounds like this will be the Alien VR 'experience' rather than the Alien VR game, which is disappointing, particularly after Sega and Creative Assembly demoed a sadly unreleased Oculus Rift version of Alien: Isolation a few years ago. (Although you can bodge that game into VR via this method.)

But still, there's a lot of potential for immersive, iconic Alien moments here, even if the app will likely recreate scenes from the new film instead. Alien: Covenant releases May 19th, and it would make sense for the VR tie-in to release around then too. (Ta, Eurogamer.)

Tom Sykes

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