Akaneiro: Demon Hunters now has early access status on Steam

American McGee latest fairytale mashup—in this case, a cocktail of Red Riding Hood infused with a feudal Japan flavor—is now playable on Steam through its Early Access program. With the free-to-play Akaneiro: Demon Hunters having undergone a successful Kickstarter campaign , it may seem weird to pay $10 for the privilege of playing the Steam beta, but Spicy Horse swears you'll get some cool stuff out of this deal.

By becoming an early adopter, you'll receive $30 worth of stuff to embellish your bug-hunting experience with, including various exclusive stat-boosting equipment, in-game currency, and all sorts of consumables—things to give you a leg up on those who'll only begin playing after Akaneiro's official launch.

Of course, most of Akaneiro's features are still yet to come. Sometime this month, enemies will start dropping materials for new crafting vendors, and bosses will begin to drop "significant" items. Multiplayer's still not around yet, but Spicy Horse is hoping that'll come in July. Eventually, the number of available abilities, missions, and enemies will be expanded as well.

Oddly, it looks like you can still play the game free via the official site . But if you're a fellow fan of McGee and must play on Steam, you can now get a glimpse at his next madcap vision.