Agony spin-off Succubus VR has been banned from Steam

Succubus VR
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Madmind Studio, the developer behind horny, hell-based horror games like Agony, has had one of its upcoming releases removed from Steam. The page for Succubus: Hellish Orgy VR was removed, remaining visible only on SteamDB, despite the fact the 2D version of Succubus is still up for sale on Steam.

"Some features available in the VR version are too disturbing and immersive to be released on Steam", Madmind's press release reads. It doesn't explicitly say what feature led to the banning, simply that, "Valve banned it for its drastic content" and "Steam has decided to ban the game without giving us the ability to make changes/patches/censorship".

Madmind has previously danced around the edges of what's allowed on Steam by releasing "unrated" versions of its games as free DLC. For instance, Succubus – Unrated lists these among its adults-only additions:

  • healing mini-games, such as abortions and various genitals mutilation
  • interactive sex minigames
  • additional sex scenes in the form of cutscenes
  • additional sex scenes depicting demons and humans, visible in game's levels
  • no censorship on the character's breasts and genitals
  • additional "hellish orgy" orgy scene

Madmind's earlier game, Agony, ran into trouble when the unrated version was instead made available as a standalone game given to owners of the original for free. Those players later found Agony Unrated had been removed from their Steam library, which Madmind said was because Valve had delinked the bundled-together games without explanation, and could only assume was because "some players who intentionally bought the game in the censored version also got access to the uncensored version, which they did not want." Agony Unrated was then made available as a free DLC for the original, and everything was fine.

Maybe it's the fact that Succubus VR included features from its Unrated DLC, in which you can rip fetuses out of pregnant women and eat them to get hit points back, that resulted in it being removed. Meanwhile, Agony VR remains on Steam—at least, for now. Madmind says it still plans to release Succubus: Hellish Orgy VR on other platforms, though it hasn't decided which that will be. I've reached out to the studio for further comment.

Jody Macgregor
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