Madmind Studios says anyone whose copy of Agony Unrated was taken away will get it back as free DLC

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In February, players who previously received Madmind Studios' adults-only horror game Agony Unrated as a free bonus for purchasing the original, censored version simply called Agony were surprised to find it had gone missing from their Steam libraries

As Madmind explained, the decision to delink the two games was made by Steam, presumably "because some players who intentionally bought the game in the censored version also got access to the uncensored version, which they did not want."

While the developer tried to sort out the situation, Agony Unrated was put on sale for the lowest possible discount in each region (which can be anywhere from 65% to 95%), by way of apology. The latest update from Madmind, posted on the games' Steam forums, suggests that a more permanent solution has been found: "in a couple of days we plan on releasing a DLC version of UNRATED which will allow Agony owners to download this adult-only expansion without payment."

In the comments below, it's explained that both save games and achievements from the standalone version of Agony Unrated should be "fully compatible" and will carry over to the DLC version. Madmind previously created a similar DLC to add adults-only material to another of its games, Succubus (a game in which you can eat a fetus for hit points), and it seems to be a safer approach.

"As we're still waiting for full confirmation from Steam's side," the statement concludes, "I cannot share all the details, but once it's up, we'll release a full announcement."

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