Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders releases February 4

The ABC Murders

Hercule Poirot might be my favourite fictional Belgian detective—he's definitely in my top five. Adventure games are a good fit for his fussy, moustachioed investigative style, and now we have another: The ABC Murders. It's based on the Agatha Christie novel 'TekWar' 'The ABC Murders', about a serial killer who chooses his victims in a rather arbitrary manner, which is to say that he picks them alphabetically.

The ABC Murders is out February 4, and you can pre-order it if you reckon it will be good. Will it be good? I've used my 'leetle grey cells', as Poirot might say, and deduced that it looks...alright. It looks like a more puzzley Crimes and Punishments, which is exactly what I want from my detective games these days.

Here's a trailer. The game's now on Steam, and you'll save 20% if you succumb to pre-order fever before it releases.

Also, hey, here's a Frenchman playing the very start of the game. I'm mainly including this because the thumbnail picture is of the lovely David Suchet. Look at his mad upside-down moustache:

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