After a million copies sold, Squad now has tutorials

There's a big new patch out for tactical multiplayer shooter Squad, and it adds the first round of what eventually will be a series of tutorials to the game. If you've been nervous about jumping in, it seems as though Offworld Industries has heard your cries. Now you can go to boot camp before heading into the warzone.

As the name implies, Squad is heavily focused on teamwork, and so the tutorials are designed around teaching players to play supporting roles in a group. New recruits need to learn they can't just yeet their way through a firefight here (I think that's what the kids say these days).

Alpha 15 also adds two new vehicles: there's the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle and the BMP-1 Zu-23 anti-air vehicle. Both are tracked, amphibious IFVs, with the BMP-2 sporting 30mm autocannon that fires at 550 rounds per minute.

The full patch notes for Alpha 15 can be found at the official site. Squad has been in Steam Early Access for more than three years now and by Offworld Industries' count has sold more than a million copies.