Adventure game The Last Campfire, from Hello Games, is out now

We hadn't heard much about The Last Campfire, the new adventure game from No Man's Sky developer Hello Games, since we saw a trailer for it at the PC Gaming Show back in June. 

But this is Hello Games we're talking about, and they love surprises. Just yesterday we learned the game was on the brink of release, and today it's actually out. The Last Campfire is available on the Epic Games Store at a price of $15. You can watch the launch trailer above.

In The Last Campfire you play as Ember, a cute, hooded little being "searching for meaning and a way home" in a mysterious and beautiful world. Don't expect the singleplayer puzzle adventure to have a scope comparable to No Man's Sky—it's made by a small branch of developers inside Hello Games, and it's been called a "Hello Games Short."

The Last Campfire also has a Steam page, and its release date there is listed as 2020—though Hello Games hasn't confirmed the length of its timed Epic Store exclusivity. I will update if I hear more. In the meantime, enjoy a couple more lovely screenshots below.

The Last Campfire

(Image credit: Hello Games)

(Image credit: Hello Games)

(Image credit: Hello Games)
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