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Activision and EA will both be at E3, but not on the show floor

With a seemingly quiet year ahead, Activision won't have a booth at E3 this year. The publisher won't be skipping it entirely, though that's not unprecedented, and will instead be holding private meetings. 

The absence of an Activision booth on the E3 floor plan was spotted on ResetEra, with Activision later confirming its plans for a low key E3. 

"While we won't have a traditional space on the show floor, we look forward to participating at E3 across a number of activities," An Activision representative told   

Other publishers skipping this year include Sony, which announced it wouldn't be taking part last year. It's not especially relevant to us at PC Gamer, though Sony often puts on exclusive reveals of multiplatform games, including Call of Duty. 

EA, meanwhile, is returning to E3 after skipping it for a few years, but it won't be on the show floor either. The publisher is still hosting its external EA Play event, though this year it won't feature a press conference. 

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