Assassin's Creed Valhalla Rebel missions: How to increase Infamy and earn Reaper gear

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 Upon arriving in Francia you'll be able to speak with Toka's companion, Pierre, about the new Assassin's Creed Valhalla Rebel missions. This new resistance group is dedicated to taking down Charles the Fat's forces and doing so is a good way to practice your stealth attacks. By completing these quests, you'll be able to train meagre peasants into refined warriors for your cause, as well as gain Infamy in Paris.

The rewards for completing Rebel missions vary. You can either upgrade your soldiers and get perks for Solo missions, or treat yourself to some cosmetic items, runes, and gear. Pierre has contacts all over Francia and you can turn over completed contracts to any that are nearby. You can identify them by a moth icon. So to help you do that and earn the AC Valhalla reaper armor and scythe, here's how to start and beat the new Rebel missions.

 AC Valhalla Rebel missions: How to increase Infamy  

 To pick up a Rebel mission, speak to Pierre. There are two types to choose from: Supported and Solo missions. With Supported missions, you can take a group of melee or ranged rebels with you to a nearby target, or one further afield. You won't have any sidekicks with you in Solo missions.

The aim is to complete the objective with no Rebel deaths and, usually, as stealthily as you can. Missions that are further away or Solo missions gain Infamy the fastest, especially if all party members stay alive. As you increase your Infamy, your Infamy multiplier will increase, helping you fill the bar faster.

You'll earn more silver deniers for Solo missions for the first few levels until you have three or four soldiers for melee and ranged. Each extra soldier adds 50 silver deniers, so it's worth having a full squad. You can increase your squad numbers as well as improve their training to take them from peasant fights to trained soldiers. You can also purchase perks that refill your arrows and health at the start of each mission and reduce the chances of you being detected in Solo missions.

If you're achievement hunting, you'll want to reach Infamy Level 3 and 4 to claim two, and purchase and wear the full Reaper gear set from Pierre for another. Other notable rewards include a nice golden skin for your pet bird, a Rebel haircut and beard trim, and a few notable runes, namely:

  • Bellatores Runes: killing a target causes witnesses to backa way in terror.
  • Reaper Rune: restore some health afeter a successful assassination.
  • Stalwart Deft Rune: increase Critical Chance when at 85% health or higher.

 How to get the AC Valhalla Bloodied Scythe 

 First, locate Pontem Esera. It's just south of the Synchronization point to the west of the Compendium Raid in Amienois. Using your Odin's Sight, look for a Gedhrit with a key above his head. Kill him to get the Pontem Esera Door Key. Follow the golden armour icon in your navbar to a building nearby and use the key to open the door. Inside you'll find the chest with the Bloodied Scythe and you can have a rare time decimating your enemies with it.

ac valhalla scythe map

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There are other scythes to find in Francia, but this one is my favourite. To get the Vendage achievement, simply equip a full set of Reaper gear and a scythe then kill an enemy.

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