All Assassin's Creed Mirage Enigma locations and their solutions

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If you want to track down all Enigmas and their rewards in Assassin's Creed Mirage then you're in the right place. You'll find Enigmas dotted around ninth-century Baghdad, and figuring out the solutions will reward you with cosmetic rewards such as dyes or talismans. Perfect if you're a completist who just likes to collect everything.

There are two objectives if you want to find these rewards. First, you'll need to locate the Enigma, which gives you the clue to then work out where exactly the treasure is hiding. As the reward can be hidden in a completely different area from where you find the Enigma, they can be tricky to track down. 

Your eagle vision is helpful for pinpointing Enigmas—and their rewards—once you get close but you're going to need to know where to look: that's where this guide comes in. Here's where to find every AC Valhalla Enigma as well as where they lead.

Abbasiyah Enigma locations

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A Challenge Enigma location and solution 

  • You'll find this Enigma to the southeast of the House of Wisdom. Look for a house next to stone steps, with a wooden balcony and decorative plates stuck to the wall. Climb up onto the balcony to retrieve the Enigma from the small table.
  • Find the solution on the thin piece of land to the west of The Four Markets. It's inside a building which is locked from inside. To get inside, find the water wheel on the southern side and use your eagle vision to pinpoint the window shutter you can shoot through the window here. Climb through the window you just opened and drop down to the floor below to find the Black Rostam dye in a square structure.

Delight by the Dome

  • This Enigma is close to the eastern border of Abbasiyah and inside the three-domed entrance of the Mosque. There's a small table on the left, next to a red chair with a cylindrical cushion. Youll find the Enigma here.
  • The Mysterious Talisman is found to the southwest of The Great Bimaristan. From the dirt road, head to the right towards a stone gazebo-looking building and you should find a small pond just ahead. Your reward is waiting for you in the water.

The Gift

  • Find this Enigma to the southeast of the Four Markets Gate. It's on the roof garden of one of the houses in this area, sitting on a small table. Use your eagle vision to pinpoint the exact location of the scroll.
  • To find the solution, you'll need to trek into the Wilderness. It's on the southern bank of the river that heads out of the city, close to the Muhawwal Gate. The Knight's Talisman is on the ground close to the wooden bridge.

Harbiyah Enigma locations

A Holy Hoard Enigma location and solution 

  • Find this Enigma at the southeast point of the Harbiyah region, west of Prince's Gate and inside a house. There's a shelf on the wall to your right as you enter. Use your eagle vision to pinpoint the exact location, next to a couple of ornaments.
  • The solution to this Enigma, and the associated reward, is found to the very north of Harbiyah, on the northeast corner of the Nestorian Monastery. Look for a huge tree close to the water with a couple of battered boats nearby. The Tan Abbasid Knight dye is in the grass between one of the boats and the tree trunk.

Find What I Stole

  • This Enigma is found north of the Damascus Gate Prison, close to the outer border of Harbiyah. Look for the stone bridge spanning the river and check inside a lean-to next to it on the north bank. You'll find the Enigma on the ground here.
  • This solution is found to the north of The Four Markets, close to the southern border with the Abbasiyah area. There's a gazebo in this area with food set up outside of it. You'll find the Black Zanj Uprising dye among the cushions on the floor inside.

 Left Behind

  • The Enigma is found directly south of the Metal Factory and to the east of Damascus Gate Prison. It's inside a house on the upper floor, and you'll need to pull some wooden shelves out of the way to climb through the window to reach it. It's on the floor near the sleeping figure.
  • You'll find the solution to this Enigma all the way out in the Wilderness, far to the west. It's almost directly south of the Abandoned Village. Look for wooden docks near the water and a net strung between two poles. The Horned Lion Talisman is buried in front of the small shed here.

Karkh Enigma locations

Solve this Problem Quickly for Me Enigma location and solution 

  • Find this Enigma at the Officer's Club building, to the east of Round City. Look for the structure on the roof on the west side of the building. You'll find the Enigma on a wooden bench here.
  • Head to the Wilderness to the south to find the solution for this one. It's found to the northeast of Palm Grove and northwest of Jarjaraya. There are a cluster of house here and you'll find the Gold Hidden One dye reward on the ground to the north of the largest of these among some rubble.

Round City Enigma locations

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Just Rewards Enigma location and solution

  • This Enigma is at the Basra Gate, on the inside of the Round City border. Climb up onto the balcony above the main gate and you'll find it on the table here.
  • The solution is also inside the Round City. Head to the Shurta Headquarters and you'll find the Black Abbasid Knight dye to the south of the building inside the walls to the south of the building, sitting on a covered box next to a bundle of spears.

A Gift For You

  • To the northeast of the Kufa Gate, look for a building connected to an archway that goes over the street. Climb up the outside to the second floor and use your eagle vision to unblock one of the windows to get inside. The Enigma is on a bed in an alcove.
  • The Bedouin Talisman is found just outside on the east side of the Mazalim Courts, inside the semi-circular area with a mosaic floor.

Wilderness Enigma locations

Joy Beneath Weeping Palms Enigma location and solution 

  • This Enigma is close to the Gate of the Mills on the southern edge of Karkh. Look for the stone gazebo on the Wilderness side of the wall and you'll find the scroll just inside on the floor.
  • The reward for this Enigma is found almost directly south of where you picked up the scroll. You'll find a bunch of palm trees and you'll find the Green Hidden One dye on the ground beneath one of them. Look out for the red blanket next to it.

Reap From the Ruins

  • You'll find this Enigma in the village of Jarjaraya, inside a house and on the second floor. There's nothing barring your way so you can walk right in and pick up the scroll from the floor.
  • The reward for this one is in the southeast corner of the map. Look for the dead tree with branches in a V shape and you'll find the Eldritch Talisman on the ground next to it. 


  • This Enigma is located to the northeast of the Tomb of Zubaydah. Look for the graveyard by the water and you'll find the scroll on top of a grave next to a basket.
  • The reward for this one is at the very north of the map, at the very highest point you can go. You'll find the Rebel Talisman on the ground next to a derelict building with a jar and a lamp nearby.
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