A standing ovation for the best standing desk deals this Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday desk deals
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Sitting down is so last year am I right? Okay I might not be right but standing desks are now becoming a more common part of a PC set up and for good reason! Now we're all working from home, we spend a little too much time on our butts and there are proven health and posture benefits of doing at least some of your work standing up. Some people are even going so far as to use a treadmill as they work too. Impressive stuff. 

If you're in the market for a standing desk, there are lots of great Cyber Monday PC gaming deals, so let's take you through your options.  

Secretlab | Magnus Pro Standing Desk |$878 $848 on Secretlab (save $40) 

Secretlab | Magnus Pro Standing Desk | $878 $848 on Secretlab (save $40) 
Secretlab isn't only good for chairs, it's good for desks too. We've called this the "ultimate desk for gaming and working from home" before and it's a beast. Aesthetically cool, reliable and well designed it's certainly a brilliant addition to most set ups. Especially if you've got the chair to match.

Funnily enough I'm working on a Secretlab Magnus right now and have been pretty pleased with it as a desk. It's not the standing variety we're talking about here and so I'm envious of those who might get their hands on it this Black Friday. Secretlab is offering a Black Friday deal of the Magnus Pro or the Pro XL and the magnetic Magpad desk mat at a small discount. 

If you're ordering in the US the desk mat, which allows you to customise the appearance of your desk with what I can confirm is quite a luxe feeling finish, it is $20-40 off with the Magnus right now. Depending on which variety you order, Signature Secretlab branded mats, or the esports or gaming edition versions, the savings are a little different. 

It takes the desk from $878 down to $848 for the regular Magnus, or $1,038 to $998 for the XL. It's a nice little discount for the comfort it could provide people looking after their backs, and for what we call "the ultimate desk for gaming and working from home" in our Secretlab Magnus Pro XL review

I only bear a personal moderate warning that if you're someone like me and you have a bunch of physical attachments for your desk, such as Elgato lights or a camera stand, getting them on Magnuses can be a little tricky. I've actually had to attach my Elgato Ring Light to something other than the desk because the dimensions didn't fit. That's really just a side note for particular content creators, as even if your monitor arms didn't fit on a Magnus, there is an option to purchase accessories to match the desk, even if they're an added expense.

Secretlab Magnus gaming desk pictured in home office.

Secretlab's excellent Magnus desk in situ. (Image credit: Future)
Insignia | Adjustable Standing Desk with Electronic Controls | $429.99 $299.99 at Best Buy

Insignia | Adjustable Standing Desk with Electronic Controls | $429.99 $299.99 at Best Buy (save $130)
If you're looking for something cheap and easy, the Best Buy's own Insignia standing desk will do just find. Easy to set up and pretty affordable as electric desks go at $299.99.

If you're looking for a desk that's more affordable, Best Buy has at least a few good options to choose from. The first is the Insignia standing desk with electronic controls. Originally $429.99 this desk is currently available for $299.99 which is a $130 saving. This is a Best Buy brand of desk, but the reviews on the site seem unanimously in favour of the desk with some very recent additions saying it's easy to set up and adjustable to different heights of people if you're sharing it with others.

Arozzi | Arena Ultrawide Curved Gaming Desk | $499.99 $259.99 at Best Buy  (save $240)

Arozzi | Arena Ultrawide Curved Gaming Desk | $499.99 $259.99 at Best Buy  (save $240)
One of our favourite gaming desks out there at the moment, the Arozzi Arena has more space than you can shake a stick at. At almost half price from Best Buy this is quite the bargin.

Best Buy also stocks the Arozzi Arena Ultrawide Curved Gaming Desk. Originally $499.99, this desk is currently in the Black Friday sales for $259.99, just shy of half price. This desk is actually on our list of the best gaming desks you can buy although yes it is also flippin' heavy. As long as you've got a friend or a family member, hell, even an enemy to help you get this thing in your home and set it up then you should be fine. There is a huge amount of surface area on this thing too so if you're like me and love to have a bunch of desk to put, uh, gaming things on this is a pretty great addition to your set up. 

One note is that it does recommend for the desk to be placed on a rug or a carpet. Making sure it's on something a little soft seems to help the desk's stability. So if you're going to get this discount, maybe spend some of your savings on something for the Arozzi to sit on. 

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