A remastered Killer7 may be on the way

Image source: Mobygames

Image source: Mobygames

A remastered release of the 2005 action-adventure cult hit Killer7 may be in the works: Grasshopper Manufacture founder Suda51 said during an event celebrating the studio's 20th anniversary that he hopes to be able to put out an updated version of the game "in the near future." 

The report, from NicoVideo.jp, is translated by Google and thus predictably mangled, but the meaning seems clear enough. "I am not in an environment where I can play much [now], but in the near future I would like to realize remaster of Killer7," he said near the end of his address at the event. After the Killer7 remastering, he'd like to do the same with the 2001 PS2 adventure Flower, Sun, and Rain. 

The remarks were confirmed by a Twitter user who claimed to be at the event.   

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There's no mention of platforms to be found anywhere, and it's quite possible that the remake—if it happens—won't end up on PC. But an increasing number of previously console-exclusive games and series have been coming our way in recent months and years, including Suda's visual novel The Silver Case: It was originally released for the PlayStation in 1999, and finally came to PC in 2016. A followup, The 25th Ward: The Silver Case, was released on Steam and other platforms earlier this month

Obviously there's no word on scheduling, either, but a tweet from Suda51 suggests that it might be further off than was initially suggested: "Will be realized within ten years!" it says.

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