A new Weedcraft Inc trailer showcases 4:20 of gameplay

Weedcraft Inc, the game about growing and selling the electric lettuce and grappling with the legal and moral conundrums that result, will come to market on April 11. Publisher Devolver Digital revealed the release date today with a new trailer that showcases four minutes and twenty seconds of gameplay. 

The trailer sets up the story of Johnny, an MBA, and his brother Clyde, who is less academically-inclined but brings other talents to the table. Their father has recently died, leaving behind a supply of Clyde's homegrown that he was using to manage the symptoms of terminal cancer. Adopting a mindset of "waste not, want not," the brothers team up to make some money on the surplus, and from there it's all about supply and demand: Find a market, refine the product, expand, and do your best to stay out of trouble.   

As the game progresses, you'll be able to take your dealings in different directions: Throwing your influence behind legalization efforts, for instance, or eschewing maximal profits in favor of ensuring universal access to medicinal marijuana. (Or the opposite, if that's how you roll.) Beyond the basics of the economic simulation, Weedcraft Inc promises to explore the "financial, political and cultural aspects" of MJ in the USA through multiple scenarios featuring a variety of "unique characters."

Which isn't to suggest that it will be an entirely serious simulator: I'm pretty sure that trailer isn't accidentally 4:20, after all. Weedcraft Inc will be available exclusively from Steam, and you can also take a look at vilemonarch.com

Andy Chalk

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