A new Overwatch animated short puts D.Va in the spotlight

The Busan map that's now on the Overwatch PTR isn't the only D.Va-centric newness to come out of Blizzard today. The studio also released a new animated short called Shooting Star that takes a behind-the-scenes look at the glamorous life of South Korea's most famous esports superstar and Omnic-fighting mech pilot. 

Surprise! It's not actually glamorous at all. While D.Va's MEKA compatriots are out enjoying a well-earned break from the action, her obsessiveness keeps her on the front lines, tragically isolated from her friends and squadmates, eating poorly and relying on sugar and caffeine to stay sharp. And thank goodness for that, because when the Gwishin Omnics attack, she's ready to hold the line!   

It makes me wonder why there aren't rotating squads of pilots, and mechanics to ensure that the mechs are being properly maintained. MEKA Base obviously cost some bucks to put together, so why not hire a proper staff? I mean, if you know that your nation is under constant threat from flying killer Matrix-bots, maybe you should have more than one person standing watch over everything

Luckily for everyone—and I don't think this is too much of a spoiler—it's a happy ending. And there's even a lesson learned, too: It's okay to ask for help sometimes. (Even if that help can't really get the job done and you end up having to take matters into your own hands anyway.) 

With the Busan map now live, the PTR patch notes are also up: Ana, Brigitte, and Widowmaker have all been tweaked, Reinhardt's Earthshatter has been given a "complete overhaul," and a number of small bug fixes have been made. The full rundown is here.

Andy Chalk

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