A new Hitman Elusive Target has appeared in Paris

The very particular set of skills of Hitman are once again being called upon, this time to rub out a new Elusive Target in the City of Light. His name is Gabriel Santos, otherwise known as The Chef, and he must die—because, apparently, he is a dick. 

Seriously, that's pretty much it with this guy. He's known for committing physical assaults on assistants and producers, but by rights that should get him an exclusive Amazon series, not a bullet in the head. The two cases of "assault with bladed meat tenderizer" sound scary, but it's not like we're talking about a razor-sharp cleaver here, right? 

But somebody's paying the bill, and so he has to die. The 14th Elusive Target is live now and will remain en Paris for seven days, which means you've got until 5 am PT on November 25 to punch his ticket. Miss the window, or botch the job, and he's gone for good. 

The debut of the new Elusive Target also marks a change in how Elusive Target rewards are unlocked, as detailed in the image below. Even if this is your first Elusive Target, or you've blown the previous 13, it will still be possible to unlock all of these rewards; however, if you miss (or screw up) too many from this point on, some of them will end up beyond your reach.

"It's important to note that these adjustments won't affect anything you've already unlocked or your progress to unlocking the three accumulative suits (HMA, Blood Money and Signature Suit) that have been the three rewards available so far," Io Interactive explained. "It's equally important to note that the new rewards system comes into effect starting with ET 14, meaning that you cannot retroactively unlock suits based on previous ET's. If you want that Winter Suit, you'll need to complete 5 ET's with a Silent Assassin rating, starting from ET 14."

The Hitman November content schedule indicates that a new Escalation Contract will be available next week, and that the 15th Elusive Target will appear in Marrakesh on November 28.

Andy Chalk

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