A new 20v20 battleground is coming to TERA

TERA , which only just finished up its kooky birthday celebrations last month, is already rousing itself from its cake coma to pump in new content. Today En Masse announced a new battleground, Corsairs' Stronghold, which looks stylishly piratey in this trailer.

To be honest, it's hard to believe this is only a 20v20 battleground, because the map looks massive. Your job is to break into the stronghold; you can wimpishly scale the ladders, but way cooler is the ability to drop in via airship, or bust through the walls with a siege engine. Players at level 30 or higher can partake in the cannonball-slinging "test of your ability, not your gear."

Corsairs' Stronghold isn't just a PVP map, though—all sorts of related goodies are included, like unlockable titles and a "Black Pearl" mount. There's also a peg-legged costume available in the in-game shop, if you want to take cheerful piracy to the extreme. It hits July 2.