A God of War TV series may be coming to Prime Video

God of War Valkyries
(Image credit: Santa Monica Studios)

God of War, Sony's hit saga of godhood and fatherhood, could soon be headed to the small screen. A report from Deadline says Amazon is negotiating with Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions to make the show happen for Prime Video.

The series is being adapted by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, the creators and executive producers of The Expanse, and Wheel of Time executive producer and showrunner Rafe Judkins, according to the report.

There aren't any further details on the show at this point, such as casting or a possible release date, but if the report is correct God of War will be the third Sony game series being reworked for television. A Twisted Metal series starring Marvel movie hero Anthony Mackie is being made for Peacock, and The Last of Us is being developed for broadcast on HBO.

It's kind of odd, given how famously bad movies based on videogames have been over the years, but game-based television has been on a real roll lately. Along with the Sony material above, Halo, Resident Evil, League of Legends and Knuckles (yes, Knuckles) all either have or are getting series of their own, and Destiny may be in line for one too. And of course there's the one that got the ball rolling, even if it's technically based on books: The Witcher, which recently began production on its third season for Netflix.

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