Netflix begins production on The Witcher season 3

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It's the nature of the beast, isn't it? Although fans have only just seen season two of Netflix's The Witcher, they're already counting down to the day they get to watch more. It was in December that we heard the scripts for season 3 were "almost done", so naturally it wasn't going to be long until production started once again. 

Redanian Intelligence (opens in new tab) has spotted the first signs of production of the next series as the team are scouting for locations. Team members like producer Steve Gaub have been sharing pictures on Instagram of sites that may be used in the coming season. It's a surprise to no one that it's heavily wooded areas and gnarled trees, but it's intriguing all the same to wonder what events are planned for these places.  

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Gaub has also shown off just a hint of set design on his Instagram (opens in new tab) too. The caption on one post featuring cranes and large set pieces says the team "definitely won’t be going smaller in season 3 of The Witcher". The producer also shows off just a few prop doors and windows that look sufficiently aged and gothic. Oh and we can't forget the dark, damp underground dungeons (opens in new tab) can we? 

Lauren Hissrich has also shown off the first day of production of the show on Instagram. She's the showrunner so obviously has a large hand in the final set decisions. Her picture shows off more woods, and may I just say they're stunning even if they're not used for the show. 

It won't be long until filming begins now. The shooting process for season two was a lot longer than expected due to Covid-19 restrictions, infections and Henry Cavill's leg injury. Hopefully season three's process will be a lot simpler and our Geralt keeps himself out of harm's way. Or at least keeps himself safe when he's not fighting all the ridiculous monsters of the Witcher books (opens in new tab)

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