A game with over 4,000 achievements has just launched on Steam

Just last week we took a look at the most obscure Steam achievements available, but I fear that list is now woefully out of date. Yesterday, a game called Running Through Russia launched on Steam Early Access for $1, and it has over 4,000 achievements to unlock. It's an endless runner about collecting vodka and dodging bears, but that part comes secondary to the constant stream of little grey boxes that appear in the bottom right corner of your screen while playing.

One of the top Steam reviews says "I got 50 achievements for bumping into a bear (each time)," so it doesn't sound like they're too hard to get. Our own Tyler Wilde played it for around two minutes and unlocked 49 achievements. It's unclear what the achievements are awarded for specifically, as they all have generic names like "new_achievement_127_26." You can take a look at the full list of 4096 achievements here

Running Through Russia is not very good, Tyler has confirmed. The trailer's claimed "super-duper-ultra-mega hardcore gameplay" takes a back seat to the comedy of being bombarded with achievements after getting mauled by bears (that is, bumping into them and resetting). Still, for those dedicated few who try to get every single achievement on Steam, I'm sure Running Through Russia will be an insta-buy.

Tom Marks
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