A free Dynasty Warriors 9 trial is available on Steam now

If you have room for a 44 GB download you can grab a free trial of Dynasty Warriors 9 from the game's Steam page.

The trail contains two modes. Online you can play with six characters, though only two will be available at any given time on a rotating daily schedule. In story mode you can play as three characters from the 90-strong full roster. There are no time limits so you can combo useless infantry guys forever.

There's a caveat here: the game ain't great. It features a huge open world but it's mostly empty, and it spreads the combat thin across huge areas. 

It's a shame. I have fond memories of the series from years gone by, because it's one of the few games that lets you air-juggle 40 warriors with a pair of fans. The free trial seems generous, though, and you might have a better time with it than I.

Tom Senior

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