A bundle of bundles: Indie Royale, Indie Gala and the Free Bundle all live

Actually, is Bundle the collective noun for indie bundles? Maybe it should be something else. A flock of bundles? A discount of bundles? A hipster of bundles? Whatever they are, a bunch of non-Humble indie game collections are currently running. Here's a round-up of what pay-what-you-want delights are currently available.

Indie Royale's Replay Bundle Vol. 1

As a collection of games previously featured in past Indie Royale's, this is basically just cheating. Still, if you missed any first time around, there's some great stuff here for currently just over £3. As always with Indie Royale events, the price will fluctuate over time - raising as people pay the minimum, then dropping when more generous donations are made.

The highlights here are Gemini Rue, Wadjet Eye's neo-noir adventure, and Defense Grid, the well-crafted tower defence game. Also included are Nuclear Dawn and Soulcaster 1 and 2.

The Indie Gala Magicka Bundle

As the name might suggest, Arrowpoint's hilariously madcap Magicka is the centrepiece of the latest Indie Gala bundle. Also included is the excellent puzzle/platformer Trine, as well as Painkiller Black, Deponia, Cities in Motion and You Are Empty.

Like the Humble Bundle, it's pay-what-you-want, with sliders that let you split the proceeds between the devs, the Gala organisers, charity AbleGamers and Gala Project X - a "new exciting video game project entirely backed by Indie Gala."

The Free Bundle

Something a bit different here: an entirely free bundle of free games. For free! The Free Bundle acts more as a way to highlight top non-commercial indie releases, as well as saving you the bother of visiting each game's individual site.

Included are Celestial Mechanica, I'm Scared and Abobo Big's Adventure, none of which I've played I'm ashamed to say. The bundle also has the creepy 2D horror adventure Ascension and the flipping brilliant Nitronic Rush.

No fancy trailer for this collection, so here's one for Nitronic Rush instead. Seriously, it's ace, and its spiritual sequel Distance has a Greenlight page here .

Phil Savage

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