50 Short Games bundles 50 short thecatamites games for a nominal fee

thecatamites (AKA Stephen Murphy) has been making amazing games for several years now, and he's released every one of them for free - so it's about time he was rewarded for his efforts. Rather than making an action movie tie-in or infesting his games with microtransactions, he's shockingly decided to ask for a small amount of money instead - but you're getting plenty of weirdness for your buck. 50 Short Games collects...50 short games, each of which was made in a single day between September and December of last year. While they're all available for free individually, your $4 purchase gives you all 50 games (plus copious notes and development drawings on each game) in one handy program, in addition to supporting one of the most creative, and funniest, indie developers around. You can buy 50 Short Games here .

I've had a bit of a play on some of the games, and they've been exactly as brief, scrappy, hilarious and slightly buggy/glitchy as I was expecting. So if you're expecting polished works of genius - don't. Expect those things I just said instead. If you've not heard of thecatamites - lamentably, we haven't mentioned the name much on PC Gamer, perhaps because we were scared of summoning him into our mortal realm - make sure you check out Space Funeral , Goblet Grotto , Murder Dog IV , and the other games on this tremendous list .

Tom Sykes

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