3D Realms to raise money for Earth No More via new corporate-minded Kickstarter site

(checks calendar) It's not April 1st. But still, 3D Realms is preparing - in association with another developer - to launch a new project on game-funding site Gambitious . 3D Realms, the makers of Duke Nukem Forever, are looking for upfront money for a new game. The site on which this request is going to be made is called "Gambitious". And its main differentiating factor is that you can buy equity in games instead of merely pledging cash. You could own a piece of the next Duke Nukem Forever!

There are no potential problems with this at all. Not a one.

The game in question is called Earth No More , continuing the list of things that aren't a problem by being a game that was canned back in 2009 and the original developer apparently replaced. The new plans for it have yet to be announced, including the target goal and ETA of the finished product. Looking cynically, it could potentially be a ringer - an excuse to have a high-profile name on the list, to balance out a line-up of less ambitious sounding projects. Hopefully more information will be announced soon.

Little was ever seen of the original Earth No More, but here are a few snaps and bits of concept art strung together into a movie which you can absorb into your brain with your eyes.