Mega Man-inspired roguelite platformer 30XX is launching out of early access in August

Two Mega-Man-like characters pose to camera
(Image credit: Batterystaple Games)

Accompanied by a killer chiptune soundtrack, the new 30XX trailer reveals that the roguelite will be out on August 9. The PC Gaming Show video also gave us a good look at the platformer’s robot-butt-kicking action.

Batterystaple Games' 30XX, a sequel to 2017's 20XX, puts you into the clanking metal shoes of android duo Ace and Nina, who awaken after a thousand-year slumber to platform through a fragile world and whoop any robot that gets in their way.

The new trailer shows how 30XX is playable solo or with a friend in local or online co-op. 30XX also lets you tackle the adventure in two distinct modes, depending on your preferred playstyle. In Roguelite Mode, the game comprises randomly generated levels and features punishing permadeath. But in Mega Mode, levels remain the same and there are save points to track your progress—perfect if you’re looking for that nostalgic Mega Man boss rush experience. 

In both modes, you can tailor the 30XX’s difficulty to offer you just the right amount of challenge. Hopefully, that should stop searching for upgrades, fusing powers, and marveling at the stylish spritework being interrupted with too many frustrating deaths.

And once you’re done unlocking all of 30XX's NieR Automata-inspired secret endings, you can jump into a level editor in Maker Mode to explore custom campaigns created by other players… or build deadly dioramas to test the mettle of strangers. 

30XX is coming to PC via Steam on August 9, so drop it on your wishlist if the trailer has given you an appetite for a robot rampage. Or if you just can't wait, you can always pick it up in early access and check out the existing build ahead of its full-service launch later this year.