2D action MOBA Hyper Universe goes free-to-play this month

Hyper Universe is a 2D action game with MOBA-inspired systems like lanes, minions and towers. I had fun with it when I played it last September, and later this month it's officially leaving Early Access and ditching its price tag. As of Wednesday, January 17, Hyper Universe will be free-to-play. 

To celebrate the game's Early Access graduation, developer Cwavesoft is throwing in some launch week login bonuses. Six new heroes—Camilla, Perseus, Sonya, Gulunba, Han and Tae-guk—are also on their way, boosting the roster to 41 heroes.

In the shadow of 2017's loot box backlash, many players want to know how Hyper Universe will be monetized once it's free-to-play (the Early Access version costs $16). So, producer Hyun K took to Steam to explain the game's model, capping it with the mantra, "pay for bling." 

"There will be packages that bundle Hypers, skins, slots, and emotes to give you some savings for wanting it all," the update reads. "And that’s really it for paying with cash—no random loot box exclusive items, no cash equips, no advantages, period. Everything else, you can buy with either NX cash or with Game Points (GP) earned by playing the game."

Hyun K said "we will never sell anything that gives a player an edge over another," and clarified that hyper cubes, Hyper Universe's loot boxes, cannot be purchased with real money. He also confirmed hero skins will cost between $6 and $13, with most settling around $10. 

Finally, he outlined how free players can unlock new heroes. You'll unlock four heroes from levels one to five, receive enough money to buy two of your choice at level six, and earn vouchers for heroes of your choosing at levels eight and 10. These boosts come alongside "in-game and community events we run to give away free Hypers," Hyun K said. 

If you're hungry for more free-to-play MOBA-esque action games, have a gander at Battlerite, which officially launched last November

Austin Wood
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