2021's best RPG improves a key feature alongside fixing 'wonky barber jobs'

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Wildermyth was one of last year's most welcome surprises, a tactical RPG that interwove crafted and procedural narrative to at times incredible effect. It's a wonderful story generator, basically, and it scooped up our RPG of the year award for getting as close to the feel of a tabletop RPG as games have managed to get.

The game has received a new patch, named in Wildermyth style as the Mara Mallard patch, and a roadmap to go alongside it. The latter is not as exciting as it sounds (if in fact you find the idea of roadmaps exciting), with the developers mainly talking about how 2022 will eventually see DLC, more events, and things like a soundtrack release. 

It also says that, as long as there's the demand, they'll do more merch and possibly DLC in 2023.

As for Mara Mallard, it first of all brings the game to GOG. As for the game itself, it's made improvements to the legacy browser (where you sift through heroes), allowing players to filter by legacy tier, class and playability. There's also a hero list that lets you more easily see what past versions of your legacy heroes have looked like, "and for those of you tired of seeing your heroes in their 80's and 90's, there's now an age customization option."

The patch also adds one new event, rewrites three existing ones, and updates hairstyles to fit all heads as apparently people were seeing some "wonky barber jobs."

The full list of changes is below:

  • Improved controller functionality
  • New sfx for certain abilities
  • Added option to hide in-game console
  • Overlapping ability buttons look better
  • Moved star in gear upgrades to top left
  • Crag Eagle roll difficulty adjusted
  • Controller navigation now wraps on in-game menus
  • All hairs should appear properly on all heads now
  • Added custom Dreamloom map
  • Fix a bug with Pulling Threads skipping in multiplayer
  • Fix a bug with legacy file saving in multiplayer
  • (earning achievements, legacy heroes, completing tutorial)
  • Fix a bug with premature comic skips in multiplayer
  • Fix a bug where base monster calamities could never be removed
  • Fix a bug where lower tier calamities removed before higher ones
  • Fix a bug where calamity cards could jitter up and down at lwo fps
  • Fix a bug with stone stunt pin range on multi-tile enemies
  • Fix a bug where Needed Elsewhere choice didn't recruit a hero
  • Fix a bug with incorrect station job names
  • Fix a bug where acid damage was reduced by walling
  • Fix a bug with the Low Road missing escape regions
  • Fix a bug where Harvest kills wouldn't proc vfx
  • Fix a bug where shooting star feedback was incorrect
  • Fix a rare bug where the gear dialogue wouldn't show up
  • Fix a crash from movement prediction
  • Fix a bug with Silver and Shadows pet targeting
  • Fix some typos
  • Tools: Theme skin data now stored in aspects, for modding support
  • (no longer hooked up directly to themes)

Wildermyth is currently 25% off to celebrate the GOG launch,  and has the same discount on Steam, where it sits on overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Rich Stanton

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