14 Days of Fortnite is coming back next week

Epic decided a couple of days ago that, because it had incorrectly listed the end date for the 14 Days of Fortnite event on social media channels, it would give the Equalizer Glider reward to everyone who had completed at least one of the challenges during the event. Now it's decided that decision was not actually the decision it wanted to make, and so it's bringing back the event next week so players can have another shot at earning any rewards they may have missed out on. 

"We communicated an incorrect end date for the 14 Days of Fortnite event and did not feel the Equalizer Glider compensation was the right approach. After further discussion, we’ve decided to bring back this event early next week through January 15 at 3 am ET (0800 UTC)," Epic wrote. "We’ll also be enabling some of the most popular Limited Time Modes that were available during the event."

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"Players who were unable to complete those Challenges will be able to earn all of the rewards they may have initially missed out on. All Challenges will be available to complete for the entire duration of the event. Unfortunately, progress on partially completed challenges has to be reset."

An exact start date hasn't been set, but assuming the action gets underway by Tuesday you'll have at least a week to get the job done. That's not as much time as the original one-a-day event, but most players taking part probably won't have the full slate of challenges to complete, either, so this is really more of a wrap-up than a full-on do-over. We'll let you know when a more precise kickoff time is announced. 

Update: Epic confirmed that the Equalizer Glider freebie is still in place: Anyone who completed at least one of the 14 Days challenges will still be given the glider.

Andy Chalk

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