The PC Gamer Show - Divinity: Original Sin 2, The Witcher 3

Welcome back to The PC Gamer Show! This is episode 3 of our livestreamed podcast. You can catch the show live on Tuesdays at 1 pm PDT on our Twitch channel, or after the fact at any of the links below.

This week's topics

  1. The Witcher 3 gets New Game+ and Modkit
  2. Microsoft can disable pirated first party games
  3. Quiz time: who said it?
  4. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is coming to Kickstarter
  5. Star Wars Battlefront won't have a campaign
  6. Viewer questions and James' hype for MGS5


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Tom Marks
James Davenport
Wesley Fenlon


Tom is PC Gamer’s Assistant Editor. He enjoys platformers, puzzles and puzzle-platformers. He also enjoys talking about PC games, which he now no longer does alone. Tune in every Tuesday at 1pm Pacific on to see Tom host The PC Gamer Show.
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