OlliOlli review

Phil Savage at

If OlliOlli proves anything, it's that skating games, unlike the sport that inspired them, aren't yet passé. It perfectly captures the layered thrill of not only mastering a route, but also enhancing it through a performance of tricks and personal flair. There are missteps, for sure, but the core act of flipping, grinding and spinning ensures the action remains stimulating across its many challenging levels.

OlliOlli PC release date announced

Phil Savage at

If you're a regular player of PC games, it's rare to be struck by indie envy. There's an absurd amount of games out there, of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds – easily more than could be played in a lifetime. Despite that, when 2D skating game OlliOlli arrived on PS Vita, I very nearly bought one. Thankfully, I held off, and now the game is just a week away from its PC release. Rad!