OlliOlli World devs reveal a new skating-based bloodsport in Rollerdrome

Rollerdrome is set in the year 2030, but there's an unmistakable 1970s vibe to the announcement trailer released today at Sony's State of Play presentation. The new singleplayer third-person action game from OlliOlli World developer Roll7 introduces a new bloodsport to what I can only assume is a post-apocalyptic world thirsty for violence. 

That sport is all about skating and shooting.

In Rollerdrome you'll strap on roller skates, grab your pistols, and hit the arena, where armed goons will do their best to kill you with clubs, sniper rifles, and even missiles fired from mechs. Meanwhile, you not only have to shoot them back but perform sweet tricks on your skates as you launch off ramps, wall-skate (it's like wall-running, but you're on skates), and dodge their attacks. 

It looks like there's a bit of bullet-time to help you out, and when you're done gunning down grunts you're invited to untangle a sinister plot. Can you handle all that? "Dominate with style in cinematic, visceral combat where kills net you health and pulling off tricks and grinds provide you ammunition, in this adrenaline-pumping action shooter," says the official site

Sounds great to me. Rollerdrome will launch on Steam on August 16.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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