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War of the Roses demo now listed as free to play

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You might not have known it, but Fatshark's rendition of the 15th century English battle, War of the Roses, has been a free-to-play game for quite some time now. The base game became a free trial earlier this year, being free-to-play in all but name. Now, it has the name.

Catch the wyrm with Dragon's Prophet's PC Gamer Beta Weekend

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We're giving you an exclusive chance to spend a weekend in the closed beta of Dragon's Prophet - Infernum Productions' free-to-play MMO in which everything's a dragon. See a woolly mammoth? It's really a dragon. An angry looking fish? That's an underwater dragon. Another player? They're not a dragon, but there's a good chance they've got one with them.

The Old Republic announces upcoming level cap, new species, new planet, and free trial

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BioWare just announced their plans for the next 6 months of The Old Republic at EA's big E3 press conference. They will be increasing the new MMO's level cap, adding Cathar as a playable species, and a whole new planet, new to Star Wars canon, to explore. For gamers not playing TOR, the devs are adding a limited free trial that allows you to play the entire game up until level 15 free.

Star Wars: The Old Republic free trial starts tomorrow

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If you're looking for something new to play this weekend, why not waggle a lightsaber in Star Wars: The Old Republic? A four day free trial kicks off tomorrow for those who haven't sampled one of the other free trial events that Bioware have been running recently.

As with those previous free weekend events, you won't need to feed your credit card details to Bioware's hungry Treasury Rancor (Bankor?) to get in, and you'll be able to get to level 15 and participate in PvP and flashpoints. Full details on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site.

Star Wars: The Old Republic free trial available again this weekend

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Star Wars: The Old Republic will be free again this weekend as part of BioWare's ongoing programme of free trials. The game is open from now until 2.00am CDT/8.00am GMT on Monday morning. It's only available to players who haven't taken part in one of the previous free trials, however, so if you're looking to form a second opinion then you'll need to subscribe.

According to the official post, you don't need to provide your credit card details and your trial characters will be saved if you decide to keep playing. You will, however, be capped at level 15. That still gives you access to the first four planets, both capital planets, PvP Warzones and one Flashpoint, however.

Star Wars: The Old Republic friend free trial invites expanded

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It's a common problem. I've invited three fellow sith into the friend invite free trial to help me devastate Republic forces, but there's 22 more out there in the cold, gradually murdering each other for a chance to become one of the chosen three. In a move designed to quell this sort of murderous Sith infighting (entertaining though it is), Bioware have given everyone 25 friend invites, where previously, everyone only had three. As wise Chewbacca would say "WWWOOAAAARGH!"

Star Wars: The Old Republic free trial kicks off today for new players

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A free trial for Star Wars: The Old Republic ran last week, but not everyone got a chance to play. On the Bioware blog, the devs announce that they're kicking off another free trial weekend today for those who weren't involved in the last one. It's set to run until Monday at 2:00 am CDT / 7:00 am GMT and you can sign up now on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site.

Rift gets 7 day free trial

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Rift's been making a bit of a fuss since it launched a few months ago. You can find our why in our Rift review. Its innovative class system lets you blend three different souls together, and level up skills in each of them, opening up an immense number of class combinations and character builds. Add to this the dynamic rift system that sees the forces of evil invading from the sky through otherworldly portals, and you've got yourself a very promising MMO indeed.

If you've been waiting for a chance to dive into the game, you're in luck. Seven day free trials are now available from the Rift site. If you're playing already, there are also a number of recruitment rewards for getting friends to sign up, including loyal canine pets and a flaming steed.