Catch the wyrm with Dragon's Prophet's PC Gamer Beta Weekend

We're giving you an exclusive chance to spend a weekend in the closed beta of Dragon's Prophet - Infernum Productions' free-to-play MMO in which everything's a dragon. See a woolly mammoth? It's really a dragon. An angry looking fish? That's an underwater dragon. Another player? They're not a dragon, but there's a good chance they've got one with them.

Tame these scaley beasts, and you're getting an all-in-one mount, pet, scavenger and combat buddy. And you can use the dragons to define your role. Want to tank? There's a dragon for that, fighting alongside you as you execute combos through the direct action combat.

"Capture, train, ride and fight alongside over 300 dragons, and unlock their unique skills and abilities. With action based content, territory control, deep character development and an immersive game world, Dragon's Prophet aims to break away from the current generation of MMORPGs and offer a truly evolutionary experience."

To participate in the beta weekend, head over to the Dragon's Prophet registration page , sign up for a free account, and enter the PC Gamer beta weekend key.


The beta weekend goes live Friday, 17th May from 3pm BST, and will run until Tuesday, 21st May at 11am BST.


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