Star Wars: The Old Republic free trial kicks off today for new players

Star Wars The Old Republic

A free trial for Star Wars: The Old Republic ran last week, but not everyone got a chance to play. On the Bioware blog , the devs announce that they're kicking off another free trial weekend today for those who weren't involved in the last one. It's set to run until Monday at 2:00 am CDT / 7:00 am GMT and you can sign up now on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site .

This trial is for new players only, however. "Participants in the previous Weekend Pass Free Trial and any other free trials are not eligible for this upcoming Weekend Pass Free Trial period," say Bioware. Like the last trial, it'll let you create a character of any class and run through their origin story. If you progress far enough you'll get to see the capital planet as well, that's Coruscant for Republic players, and the dark, stormy world of Dromund Kaas for the Empire.

The client's pretty big, so you'll want to start the client downloading soon if you want to get in before the free trial ends. If you want to meet up with some PCG guildies while you're trying out the game, join the Nightmare Lands server and look out for the PC Gamer Mint Imperials (EU), or hop into The Crucible Pits and look for the Coconut Monkeys (US).

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