Rift gets 7 day free trial

Rift - tharr be a good hat

Rift's been making a bit of a fuss since it launched a few months ago. You can find our why in our Rift review . Its innovative class system lets you blend three different souls together, and level up skills in each of them, opening up an immense number of class combinations and character builds. Add to this the dynamic rift system that sees the forces of evil invading from the sky through otherworldly portals, and you've got yourself a very promising MMO indeed.

If you've been waiting for a chance to dive into the game, you're in luck. Seven day free trials are now available from the Rift site . If you're playing already, there are also a number of recruitment rewards for getting friends to sign up, including loyal canine pets and a flaming steed.

The free trial is part of the Rift 1.2 Spoils of War update, which adds new daily quests to collect treasure raining down onto the world of Telara. Some of this treasure can be used to bore holes through space-time to access a new ten man raid. There's news on the improved group finding tools PvP improvements and the new Facebook integration on the Rift Spoils of War page.

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