Star Wars: The Old Republic friend free trial invites expanded

Star Wars The Old Republic

It's a common problem. I've invited three fellow sith into the friend invite free trial to help me devastate Republic forces, but there's 22 more out there in the cold, gradually murdering each other for a chance to become one of the chosen three. In a move designed to quell this sort of murderous Sith infighting (entertaining though it is), Bioware have given everyone 25 friend invites, where previously, everyone only had three. As wise Chewbacca would say "WWWOOAAAARGH!"

That means you can invite a small army to join you on free trial accounts. There are a few limits though. Trial accounts can only progress to level 15, and can only visit the origin planet, and the capital world, which will be Coruscant or Dromund Kaas depending on whether you're a traitorous rebel or a totally sexy and awesome member of the Empire. You can email out out the free trial invites from the " My Account " section of the Star Wars: The Old Republic site .

If you've received an invite, come and hang out with our marvellous Old Republic guilds. You'll find our UK sith guild, The Mint Imperials and our UK Republic guild, The Revel Alliance on the Nightmare Lands server. If you're based in the US, you can shoot the bantha dung with the Coconut Monkeys on The Crucible Pits.

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