Star Wars: The Old Republic free trial available again this weekend

Star Wars The Old Republic Force Choke

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be free again this weekend as part of BioWare's ongoing programme of free trials. The game is open from now until 2.00am CDT/8.00am GMT on Monday morning. It's only available to players who haven't taken part in one of the previous free trials, however, so if you're looking to form a second opinion then you'll need to subscribe.

According to the official post , you don't need to provide your credit card details and your trial characters will be saved if you decide to keep playing. You will, however, be capped at level 15. That still gives you access to the first four planets, both capital planets, PvP Warzones and one Flashpoint, however.

The Old Republic is currently in the midst of the Rakghoul plague, a series of live events currently focused on Tatooine. It's been fun to watch the missions unfold - check out our guide to the Rakghoul event here.

Will you be trying out SW:TOR this weekend, readers? Or are you intimidated by the massive block of all-caps 'small' print at the bottom of the official post? If so, just imagine it scrolling slowly up your screen accompanied by a horn section.

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