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A new 20v20 battleground is coming to TERA

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TERA, which only just finished up its kooky birthday celebrations last month, is already rousing itself from its cake coma to pump in new content. Today En Masse announced a new battleground, Corsairs' Stronghold, which looks stylishly piratey in this trailer.

TERA's birthday month culminates in a "glutton" for a mount

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Assuming you've utterly gorged yourself on icing-laden birthday goodness, TERA players are now qualified for a weirdo sort of treasure hunt that culminates in your coming into control of a gibbering, only vaguely terrifying new mount.

It's TERA's birthday--here's what celebrations are planned

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Gosh, it's kind of embarrassing when a video game has grander birthday celebrations than you do. It's the beginning of May, it's TERA's birthday month, and En Masse is going all out with the partytimes. A new raid is on its way, as well as a 20v20 battleground. Hopefully there'll be ice cream cake hidden in there somewhere, too.

TERA publisher stresses importance of treating free players equally and fairly

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Fantasy slash-em-up TERA took a jewel-encrusted sword to its subscription model earlier this month, adding itself to the slowly swelling ranks of free-to-play MMOs offering a fairly heavy chunk of content for no cost. It's safe assuming publisher En Masse Entertainment seeks a smooth transition, and as part of that process, Associate Producer Patrick Sun told MMORPG.com the studio won't bog down free players with paywalled account and content lockouts.

Tera downsizing to three servers this month

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Tera's developers have announced in their fall producer letter that the game's 11 existing servers will be merged into three due to lower than acceptable player activity. On September 18th, Tera's four PvP servers will be combined into one, as will its six PvE servers. The only server not affected by merges will be the official roleplaying PvE server, Celestial Hills, which will remain as-is.

Tera's political system opens itself to exploitation, devs close the loophole [UPDATED]

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You may recall us reporting on Tera's Vanarch system a while back. It allows players to be elected to a position of power over one of the game's provinces, and do things like set taxes and spawn services like auctioneers for a fee. A recent update threw a wrench into the works when it allowed players to accumulate progress toward Vanarch-hood by PvPing in the zone they seek to rule. This has, apparently, led to certain guilds splitting into two so they can farm each other for points and far outstrip any competitors in the race for control of certain zones.

Seize power with TERA's intriguing political system

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Do you fancy yourself a born leader? What if you could prove it, without the fake photo smiles, baby-kissing, or mud-slinging of real world politics? With TERA's upcoming political system, you can set out on a campaign for control from the comfort of your butt-contoured chair. In this exclusive video, hear from TERA producer Chris Hager as he explains the ins-and-outs of taking office in an MMO. Whether you attain leadership through brute force or popularity, you'll have a heck of a time working to please the people and get the server population on your side. But hey—isn't that what politics are all about?

Exclusive TERA footage illuminates the Dark Cathedral

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Every day is better when you've seen an adorable panda shooting a bow and arrow at a gargantuan monster. Well, technically, it's a Popori, but you get what I mean. Check out this exclusive footage of the new Dark Cathedral dungeon, coming soon to the Korean-import MMO TERA. Whether or not you're a fan of the MMO genre, the visuals on display here are UNDENIABLY gorgeous. This quick playthrough of the instance gives you a look at all the bosses you'll have to down if you want that phat loot, as well as the ominous interior of the once-pure cathedral. If only more games could incorporate low-cut dresses, killer pandas, and dudes smacking around skeletons with two-handed cleavers, the world would be a better place.