It's TERA's birthday--here's what celebrations are planned

Gosh, it's kind of embarrassing when a video game has grander birthday celebrations than you do. It's the beginning of May, it's TERA's birthday month, and En Masse is going all out with the partytimes. A new raid is on its way, as well as a 20v20 battleground. Hopefully there'll be ice cream cake hidden in there somewhere, too.

A monthlong schedule has been posted on the TERA website , and though only the first event—a competition giving artistically inclined players the chance to get their work immortalized on a TERA loading screen—is detailed so far, it may interest current players to know that there's also a dungeon double loot-drop weekend planned for May 3-6.

The big news is probably the introduction of a new Kelsaik raid. According to the TERA blog, it arrives May 14, and is "a lot meaner this time around"—at least 10 players are recommended.

Finally, though not actually in the birthday month, a new battleground set for June is also offering itself up as a gift for gamers. It'll be "different than what you're used to" in battlegrounds, thanks to the use of cannons and blimps. Oh, and it's totally inclusive , yo; any player above level 30 can participate.

En Masse is also promising to ramp things up behind the scenes, so there's less of a delay between updates on the Korean and North American servers. They've also released an interesting infographic on various player stats. I'd recommend keeping an eye on TERA's birthday page —maybe that mysteriously named "T-E-R-A Event" will be where we can claim our cake.