Tera downsizing to three servers this month

Tera's developers have announced in their fall producer letter that the game's 11 existing servers will be merged into three due to lower than acceptable player activity. On September 18th, Tera's four PvP servers will be combined into one, as will its six PvE servers. The only server not affected by merges will be the official roleplaying PvE server, Celestial Hills, which will remain as-is.

"We've got several metrics to measure server activity - and many of ours are below the mark," En Masse said. "We've also been listening to the issues our players have been having in the game: lack of resources, lack of groups, extended wait times for dungeons, and so on. We feel that the best way to address these problems is to increase the number of simultaneous players on our servers."

A detailed FAQ lays out how everything will be going down. Players with more than eight characters on a single server after the merge will have to delete some until they get down to eight. Duplicate character names will have to be claimed on a first come, first served basis. All Vanarch statuses will be reset, and the candidate registration fees refunded. Post-merge, the race for Vanarchy is likely to become much more competitive.