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Humble Weekly 1C sale offers Men of War and Kings Bounty for pittance

Phil Savage at

1C Company are the subject of this week's pay what you want Humble Sale. Not that you're being offered their full, expansive, and occasionally ropey back catalogue. Instead the bundle focuses on two of the publisher's more notable series. Included are a battalion of Men of War, and a king's ransom of King's Bounty. It's a great collection if you're looking for a large and meaty slice of turn-of-the-decade PC gaming.

Men of War Assault Squad beta to continue if 20,000 join Steam group

Matt Purslow at

Digital Mind Soft have provided gamers with a challenge: hit 20,000 members for the official Men of War: Assault Squad Steam group, and they will reactivate the open beta. Not only will they do that, but they'll let you play as the Soviets in it, too.

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